Why should you invest in Tara Ville Suites?

  • • 4 Times Greater Rental Income than that of Normal Apartments

    Purchasing a regular apartment and then renting it out will only give you 2% to 4% returns per annum. In comparison, serviced apartments give you 8% to 10% ROI per annum.

  • • No Maintenance Charges + Stress-Free Management

    These property are managed & maintained completely by the operator at his cost – thus freeing you of the hassles involved in renting out property on your own.

  • • Tried & Tested Model + Exploding Demand for Hotel Apartments / Rooms

    Over many investors round the world are already reaping benefits of this investment as Tara Ville Suites – with their rich experience of in hotel industry – has perfected this model over the last 6 years and is successfully operating 3 hotel apartments at ,Kolkata,Delhi, Puri,Tarapith.

  • • Highly Affordable Price & Relaxed Payment Schedules

    Units are priced at just Rs.17 lakhs (all inclusive price) and you also get home loans from leading banks for upto 80% of unit cost, which means you pay just 20% or only Rs.3.4 lakhs from your pocket and rest is funded by bank – making it very affordable and easy on your pocket.
  • • Timely & Automated Payment of Monthly Income to Your Bank Account

    Each month’s income is credited directly to your bank account through ECS on the 25th of the following month, making collection of rent a stress-free and automated experience. You don’t have to worry about timely payments or collection and encashments of cheques etc.

  • • Seven Days Free Stay across India

    – You get 3 days free stay per unit owned by you per month, with complimentary breakfast.
    – Out of this, 3 days can be at any location in a year where Jaas Realty is operating and 3 days in a month can be availed at the location where you have invested (in this case, Tarapith).
    – You can gift free stays to family, friends and colleagues.

  • • Asset Pays for Itself & Becomes Free in 8 Years

    Unlike a normal apartment where EMI is 2 to 3 times greater than rental income, incase of serviced apartments, income is always greater than EMI and hence the project pays for itself and due to such excess income, you will recover your entire initial investment (i.e.20% of unit cost) within 8 to 9 years.

  • • Chance to Acquire Property in Prime Locations

    Apart from monthly income, you are also going to earn capital gains as you are acquiring an asset in very prime and key commercial localities of key cities of India. Normally, it would not be possible to acquire such prime property at such low ticket sizes of your investments and because of this, you will also enjoy tremendous capital gains in addition to high monthly income.

Invest in Tara Ville Suites Tarapith if…

  • • You want to generate an increasing & continuous stream of high passive income to supplement your primary source of income and elevate your lifestyle.

  • • You want to build a secondary source of income as a back-up / insurance against job loss, etc in these increasingly uncertain times.

  • • If you dream of retiring early or are on the verge of retirement and want to create a steady stream of stable, predictable and high