Massive Demand for High Monthly Income Assets

  • • Current FD rates in India are at an all-time low of 6.75% per annum and are set to fall further to as low as 5% over the next few years.
  • • Rental income from residential property is a minuscule 2% to 4% and falling.
  • • Commercial property may give you 7% to 8% ROI but they need a much larger investment of Rs.3 to 5 crores which is impractical for most of us.
  • • So people will happily buy any asset that gives you more than 9% to 10% ROI – which Tara Ville Suites exceeds by a large margin as it gives you 8% to 10% in the beginning which grows to as much as 16% to 18% by 15th year.
  • • Investors would queue-up outside your door to buy such a high income generating asset from you as there are no other safer, stable and predictable income alternatives in India.
  • • Greater Appreciation than Regular Apartments or Flats

    Since these apartments are fully furnished, fully air-conditioned and fully serviced and come with a long lease with high monthly income, they will appreciate a lot more than regular apartments or Flats.

  • • Home Loans make it Very Affordable

    Small ticket sizes and availability of home loans make these highly affordable and easy for anyone to invest in Tara Ville Suites, because of which there is massive demand for such assets – making it easy for you to sell whenever you want to.

  • • Constant Waiting List for Resale Properties

    We receive enquiries on daily basis from many investors who are eager to purchase such high income assets and hence reselling your unit will be easy due to such waiting list that builds up in each city. For example, atnewtown where we did our first these kind of units , we have a waiting list of over 57 people who are eager to buy any unit that may come up for resale.

  • • Buyer Gets Income from Day 1 of full Investment

    The person who is buying this asset from you would start earning rental income immediately (i.e. from Day 1 of his investment) and thus would be willing to pay you a premium to buy such a proven asset from you. You can also show your bank statement as a proof of income being generated by your unit..

    • You can also gift these free nights to your family, friends and colleagues and any unused free nights can be rolled over to the next year (for a maximum of 2 years).

Asset becomes Free in 8 Years

You will recover your entire investment in 8 to 9 years

  • • When you invest using a home loan, the income from these cottage suites will be greater than the EMI you pay on your loan.
  • • For example, when you buy a Rs.17 lakh 2 by taking 60% loan which is Rs.10.2 lakhs, your EMI would be approx Rs.9000 per month, whereas income in Year 1 itself is Rs.15,000 per month – which means you are left with profit of Rs.4,000 per month EVEN AFTER paying off your EMI.
  • • Because of this excess income (which keeps increasing every 3 year as EMI remains same but income keeps increasing), you will accumulate enough funds to recover your entire investment of 40% in 8 to 9 years time.
  • • Post this, you will continue earning monthly income FOR FREE as technically, you are earning this on ZERO investment (as you have recovered your entire initial investment).
  • • Therefore, investing in this cottage suitesusing a home loan is the smartest way to create wealth and earn higher ROI in the long run.
  • • Even if you can afford to pay the entire cost of unit from your own funds, it is financially more lucrative to invest using a home loan.